Buying The Best Wheelbarrow For Your Garden

Buying The Best Wheelbarrow For Your Garden

While the traditional wheelbarrow is common throughout the globe for a slew of applications such as construction, masonry, groundwork, roadwork, etc. – it is a definitive must-have for avid gardeners and whatnot.

Thanks to cutting-edge innovation and technological advancement, there are so many types of garden carts to help get the job done on time and without putting a strain on your back.

From planting and transporting garden tools to getting rid of dead leaves, mulch, dirt, and hardwood, wheelbarrows make landscaping more fun and effective.


However, it is important to opt for a product that guarantees durability and performance in the long-run, which is exactly why this buying guide will help you make the best decision.

In light of this, mentioned below are some of the best wheelbarrows money can buy:

The Best Wheelbarrow – Our Top 5 Recommendations

Winner - Gorilla Carts Garden Wheelbarrow

When it comes to comfortability and flexibility, the Gorilla GOR4PS garden wheelbarrow remains unmatched. The design of the product focuses on simplicity, enabling you to perform a variety of garden maintenance task effortlessly.

The wheelbarrow comprises of durable materials, and if maintained properly, the product can last you a lifetime. One of the best reasons to opt for the Gorilla Carts GOR4PS is because of the cutting-edge quick-release soil damping technology. The Gorilla is perhaps the best two wheelbarrow money can buy.

Now you don’t have to spend hours unloading and loading fertilizer. With the quick-release option, you can automatically dump everything in mere seconds.

Gorilla Carts GOR4PS Poly Garden Dump Cart


Moreover, the Gorilla wheelbarrow is very simple to assemble because of its cutting-edge frame-design. Plus, unlike traditional garden wheelbarrows, with this product, you will not have to keep balancing the product from point A to B.

The ergonomic built of the product enables for enhanced maneuverability. And thanks to its balanced four-wheel frame, you can quickly and conveniently move the wheelbarrow around in rugged or heavy terrain. That is even when the product is full of soil, compost, leaves, and whatnot.

This product is an excellent alternative to traditional garden wheelbarrows. But perhaps the best thing about the Gorilla wheelbarrow is the fact you can quickly assemble and start hauling rocks, mulch, and dirt, without wasting any time.

The wheelbarrow-bed is easy to clean, and you will not have to worry about rusting or anything. The 38.7-inch x 20-inch garden maintenance cart comes with ten 10-inch, sturdy, durable and pneumatic tires.

The tires are its most fantastic feature. You won’t feel as if you’re dragging or strenuously pushing the wheelbarrow. The tires make the job a walk in the park. Garden maintenance has never been that easy – especially if you have a moderate-to-big backyard or front lawn.

Moreover, the pulling mechanism of the Gorilla cart is ideal for comfortable handling. That is why it is padded, providing you a nice and strong grip for dragging the product around anywhere you want. Moreover, you can easily pull 600 pounds effortlessly.

The wheelbarrow also comes with a 1-year limited, manufacturer’s warranty.

Runner-Up - Marathon Residential Garden Wheelbarrow

If you’re looking for something durable, simple to operate and versatile for your garden maintenance, look no further – the Marathon Residential Yard Wheelbarrow can prove to be of vital assistance. 

It may look like a traditional wheelbarrow, but it is far from it, the product is suitable for durability and comfortable handling. The Yard Rover is significantly quick to use compared to your average garden barrow. The product is one of the top-rated wheelbarrows on the market.

Thanks to the loop handle and the big, sturdy tires, you can lift the wheelbarrow without any effort. And you won't have to put your back in it like standard products. The Rover is suitable for ergonomics and high-end functionality.

The wheelbarrow is ideal for mid-sized and large front lawns and backyards.  So now all you have to do is pull the cart, push it and lift it with ease. The maneuverability of this thing is exceptional. It may seem heavy to move, but it isn't – you don't have to worry about consistently balancing the product.

Moreover, the Marathon Residential Rover Wheelbarrow has plenty of capacity. Built with a five-cubic foot front tray, it is ideal to quickly transport things such as firewood, fertilizer, garden debris, compost, mulch, gravel, etc.

Marathon Dual-Wheel Residential Yard Rover Wheelbarrow and Yard Cart


It is the ideal wheelbarrow to tackle almost all types of backyard maintenance activities and chores. Plus, because the product weighs significantly less than a traditional garden cart, you can transport the same amount of haul without putting in a lot of effort.

The loop handle is ideal for comfortability and portability. You don't have fret about taking up a large space to store the wheelbarrow. You can just hang it on a wall when in your shed or garage, freeing some floor-space.

Moreover, the tires are air-filled, which makes lifting the wheelbarrow easier and balancing will never be a problem for you. You can load up to 300 pounds – which makes the product ideal for residential use.

Assembling and installing the yard-cart is easy and simple. You don’t need a lot of tools except a crescent wrench along with a flat screwdriver.

The wheelbarrow weighs 29-lbs, which makes it 25% lighter than a traditional product. The cart comes in three distinct colors. You can opt for the green to complement your backyard or garden. Then there is pink that goes well with a garden full of flowers. Plus, it can also be a functional gift item for avid gardeners.

Lastly, you can opt for the Ladybug pattern – enabling you to park the wheelbarrow near a flower bed.

Alternative 1 - True Temper Garden Wheelbarrow

The True Temper Wheel Polly garden cart is an ideal product for frequent gardeners. The wheelbarrow is convenient to operate, and you don't have to put in a lot of effort to haul things around. 

The best thing about the product is the fact that it is specious. With an eight cubic foot capacity, you can haul firewood, mulch, dead leaves, soil, compost and whatnot without breaking a sweat.

Fitted with a dual-wheel design, you can move big loads around different types of terrain quickly and without breaking your back. It is the best garden wheelbarrow for a large front lawn.

Moreover, wheelbarrow poly-tray is corrosion-proof. Plus, the product has a stainless steel undercarriage, which means you will not have to worry about maintenance for a long time.

That sturdy built and enhanced functionality guarantees a lifetime of service. Plus, the product comes with a free, eight-inch tire for quick replacement.

True Temper 8 Cubic Foot Dual Wheel Poly Wheelbarrow - RP810


 However, it is possible that you will never need it because the tires on the True Temper RP80 wheelbarrow are flat-free. With comfortable dual hardwood handles, you can carry a lot of weight in the cart without feeling overwhelmed.

The garden wheelbarrow can be your best friend when it comes to taking care of routine maintenance. Traditional yard-carts are heavy, they aren't as functional, and you have to put in a lot of effort to load, unload and the lift the product.

With the True Temper wheelbarrow, loading and unloading your haul is quick and simple. And because of the eight-cube foot capacity, you can transport everything one go.

Sure, it is a bit big, but because of the yard cart's stainless steel underbelly and durable surface, you can either park it in your tool shed or store it somewhere in your garden or backyard.

But if you want to keep it in your garage, you will have to free up a lot of space – and that is also because you can’t hang the wheelbarrow.

Plus, the poly-tray does not rust, which gives you all the more reason to park it anywhere in the garden. All in all, the True Temper backyard cart is a durable and must-have component. It is the best value wheelbarrow you are going to find.

Alternative 2 - Suncast Polly Rolling Wheelbarrow

If you’re going to buy a wheelbarrow for your garden, there are plenty of factors to consider – durability, comfort, capacity, etc. these are all elements that can either provide good value for your money or not. That primarily where budget-friendly and functional yard-carts come into play.

The Suncast lawn cart is a cost-effective and durable option. With a 15.5-gallon storage capacity, you can transport a significant haul without having to make double or triple trips.

You can store mulch, firewood, dead leaves, dirt, compost, soil, and whatnot – loading and unloading are quick and effortless. Plus, the product is lightweight and simple to operate. You won't have to break your back like you have when using traditional, heavy-duty wheelbarrows.

The Suncast LC1250D comprises of durable and industry-grade resin. And another interesting feature that you will not find in majority backyard wheelbarrows is a telescopic handle. You can just pull it out and start maneuvering the yard-cart without a problem.

Moreover, the wheelbarrow has seven-inch wheels that are durable, and you can drag them on the hard and rocky terrain. You will not have to worry about replacing the tires, as they are flat-free.

The product is for gardeners who take pride in building a pristine and delightful environment outside their homes. The wheelbarrow is excellent for people who do not have ample storage. Just drop the telescopic handle, and the product will look like a small, container-box.

You can stow it anywhere in the garage, or the tool shed. However, you will need to clean and maintain the product from time to time.

Moreover, the yard-cart is very simple to navigate, and it isn't tippy. Balancing the wheelbarrow will never be an issue, thanks to its 7-inch tires. It is significantly convenient because your arms and not your shoulders bear a lot of the weight. 

Suncast LC1250D 15.5-Gallon Capacity Poly Rolling Lawn Cart


However, it does have a few considerations, for example, the telescopic handles aren't that long – for say, people who are over 5 feet and 11 inches. And you will have to take care because the wheelbarrow slants backward just as soon as you empty it – so make sure it doesn't fall on you.

 But the amount of features and benefits of the Suncast LC1520D is astonishing considering the price of the product. It is an ideal component for garden maintenance for people who have small to mid-sized backyards or front lawns.

Best Wheelbarrow Dolly Combination - Workx Aerocart Wheelbarrow

A bit on the expensive side, the Workx Aerocart garden wheelbarrow is an exceptional accessory for routine and advanced front lawn maintenance. Moreover, the best thing about the product is the fact you can quickly convert it into a dolly.

That gives you the opportunity to remove large rocks or shrubs out of your garden or backyard. There are just so many fantastic, all-around features that make the wheelbarrow a must-have.

That is especially true for avid gardeners and whatnot. Plus, the cart is highly versatile and has fold-out arms for quick storage. Moreover, with a durable and stainless build, the Worx cart has flat-free tires for lifetime performance.

You can use the extension arms with a slew of accessories and components to securely transport a plethora of items such as flower pots, soil and mulch bags, straw bales and other difficult to maneuver products.

In fact, if you combine all the wheelbarrow attachments and accessories, the Aerocart will enable you to perform up to eight garden maintenance tasks. For example, you can use the dolly to move heavy items; you use the product as a wheelbarrow, potted plant mover, a cylinder holder, lifting rocks, holding bags, moving trailers, etc. 

The Worx WG050 wheelbarrow has a three hundred pound weight limit with a three cubic feet tub capacity. You can load and haul heavy wood, dirt piles, rocks, bricks – and virtually anything from your garden. 

WORX Aerocart Multifunction 2-Wheeled Yard Cart, Dolly, and Wheelbarrow with Flat Free Tires – WG050


With a patented functionality, the wheelbarrow cum dolly quickly adjusts to its center of gravity – which makes a lot easier for you to manage the haul.

But perhaps the best advantage of the cart is the fact that lifting a 200-lbs load will seem like you're hauling 17-lbs – that is exactly how ergonomic the product's lift design is – wheelbarrow is ideal for senior citizens and people who have back neck and shoulder pain.

Furthermore, the cart weighs forty-eight pounds and is ideal to perform numerous yard jobs. You will be surprised to know that the extendable arms can manage up to eighty pounds in load. 

All in all, if you’re an avid gardener and want to optimize your routine garden maintenance activities, the best two wheelbarrow product you must opt for is the Worx Multifunction Aerocart yard-cart.

Essential Wheelbarrow Uses And Applications In Your Backyard Or Garden

If you don’t own a wheelbarrow, you are missing out on convenience and comfort! How long will you carry rocks and mulch in your hand? Consider the amount of strain manual labor in the garden can put on your back.

Nowadays, wheelbarrows have become one of the most vital components of modern landscaping and garden maintenance for both small and big lawns. There are just so many applications of a yard-cart that will make the experience a lot more enjoyable and fast.

Adding Mulch

After winter is over, you’re going to have to add plenty of mulch to the soil for healthy plant and grass growth. However, it is vital to understand that the component can be hefty to load and unload by hand.

Wheelbarrow load.

That is where you can get the best wheelbarrow to transport the mulch to every part of your backyard or front lawn. Carrying bags of this vital garden component on your shoulders can lead to injury and joint or muscle pain.

Removing Debris

Have you been you moving around in your garden picking up small and big pieces of debris by hand lately? Well, if you have then you should know just how time-consuming the activity can be – which is all the more reason that you invest in a versatile and ergonomic wheelbarrow.

With a yard-cart, you can collect debris like rocks, bad soil, mulch or other elements – gather and dispose everything at the same time. And you will only be able to do that using a wheelbarrow.

Moreover, wheelbarrows are spacious, enabling you to fill a lot of debris at any given moment.

Transporting Potted Plants And Removing Large Rocks

Getting rid of thick pieces of wood and heavy rocks are impossible via hand – which is probably the reason why you haven't performed much of any maintenance at all, right? Well, without a wheelbarrow, this procrastination will never cease.

You see, you can transform some wheelbarrows into dollies that you can use to take out potted plants and place them somewhere else in your garden. You can remove large pieces of hardwood and get rid of rocks – all without breaking a sweat.

Moving Small Trees And Shrubs

Another wonderful a wheelbarrow comes in handy is removing trees and shrubbery from around your garden. There comes a time when you have to give your backyard a facelift. And that means relocating plants and whatnot.

That is primarily where a multi-functional, lightweight and dual-wheeled wheelbarrow will come in handy. And with a dolly, you can pick the trees right out and relocate them to a different area.

Storing Landscaping Tools

If you don’t have a tool shed or if you have a small garage, you can use a wheelbarrow as a means of storing small landscaping equipment such as a weeder knife, a hand leaf rake, a transplanting trowel, a seeding planter and whatnot.

Things To Pay Attention To When Selecting Top Rated Wheelbarrows

When it comes to selecting the best wheelbarrow for quick and effective garden maintenance, these are some vital factors to consider:

The Size Of The Product

Here, it isn't a question about bigger is better – you need to select a wheelbarrow that aligns with your specifications and garden requirements. You can measure cart capacity by volume and weight.

So the best way for you determine the capacity of your wheelbarrow is to consider the size of your garden.  You must also measure the density of the materials you use – because you will be the one hauling everything around.

So, in case you accidentally buy a small wheelbarrow, you may have to make additional trips. Similarly, if you don’t have a lot to transport, a bigger garden cart can be heavy to move around just for a few things. 

Wheelbarrow Material

When it comes to durability, nothing can match the performance and reliability of stainless steel. You can use a sturdy cart bed for an extended period without the need of maintaining anything.

Stainless steel wheelbarrow.

Plus, steel is rust-proof, which means you don't have to worry about keeping the product away from water or prolonged exposure to sunlight.

But if you're looking for a lightweight and scratch-resistant materials, go for polyethylene. This material weighs less than steel and is easy to handle on rainy days.

Tire Size

Always go for a wheelbarrow that has tires with an increased surface area. Check the tread patterns of the wheels and opt for tubeless and fat-free products.

After all, the tires are what are going carry the grunt of the weight.  Moreover, select a size by the type of weight you will be hauling.

Bottom Line

Wheelbarrows have become one of the most vital components when you talk about effective landscaping. They are tools that can make your life easier, lighter and injury-free.

Plus, garden carts come in a variety of colors and specifications. You can get your hands on one that can that can be transformed into a dolly to perform a range of activities an ordinary product cannot.

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