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12 Landscaping Tools to Buy – Essentials for Beginners

Lawn maintenance calls for a reasonable level of dedication. You could choose to hire a lawn manager to take everything off your hands (the easier path), or if you are the "roll up your sleeves and getting it done yourself" kind of person, then you would need to dedicate a portion of your time every couple of weeks or so to tend to your lawn. That calls for the right landscaping tools.

If that sounds like who you are then here is a list of the most essential landscaping tools for beginners, you should buy:

1. Lawn Mower

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A lawn mower is probably the very first tool you think about when you envision landscaping tools. Mostly because it's one of the most essential tools for the maintenance of a lush green lawn, after all, if the grass isn't evenly cut or is out of control, everything else you do will fall short of the mark.

There are many different types of lawn mowers, from walk-behind to sit-on-top lawn mowers. Which one you get will depend on your budget as well as preference.

2. Edger

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A gas-powered edger is a machine that has metal blades that are vertical to the ground. This machine is used for creating some of the most precise lines and edges on your lawn. Think of the edges on walkways or around your garden bed. While this might not be the most essential of landscaping tools, it is still an excellent addition for anyone who wants to take their lawn to the next level.

3. Hand Pruner

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Pruning shears are essential for anybody who has plants or flowers in their lawn. The right-hand pruner gives you the distinct ability to expertly cut down dead branches and overgrown leaves, which allows you to keep these plants within the desire size range.

4. Leaf Blower

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While you could make do with a rake, a leaf blower is so much more efficient and convenient. You can use this tool to clear your driveways of dead leaves and even to clear off some light snow during winter. Depending on the model you pick, some life blowers come with all sorts of attachments, including a bag that you can use for mulching.

5. Sprayer

To keep your lawn health and pest free, you will be forced to use fertilizer and pesticides from time to time. One of the best ways to measure these products as per the manufacturer's direction is to use a sprayer.

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However, that isn't the primary reason as to why a garden sprayer is one of the most essential landscaping tools. The fact that you can use this tool to easily and conveniently distribute what are sometimes very toxic chemicals over your garden is!

6. Garden Aerator

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If the soil on your lawn is compacted, then most of your landscaping efforts as far as cultivating the healthiest grass and flowers will be wasted. Compacted soil does not allow air, water, nor the necessary nutrients to get to the plant roots. That is why you absolutely need a lawn aerator.

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There are very many different types of land aerators, with some of the easiest to use being lawn aerator shoes and manual lawn aerators. While they all get the job done, which one you choose comes down to your budget and preference.

7. Water Sprinkler

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The world is moving more and more towards automation now. One way to bring that to your garden is to get a water sprinkler with a timer. This tool allows you to water your lawn even when you are not up to doing it yourself or when you are not around.

8. Lawn Dethatcher

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Another reason why your lawn might not be as lush as you would like it to be is that it has thick thatch that keeps the nutrients and vital elements such as water and air from reaching the plant roots. To get rid of that thatch, you need to get a lawn dethatcher.

9. Spreader

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Have you ever taken the time to spread important products over your lawn, such as seeds, fertilizer, or even pesticides by hand? Not only does it take a lot of time, but it's also inefficient. The chances that you will miss a spot are very high. However, when you use a spreader, these issues don't arise. Not only is a spreader easy and convenient to use, but it is also efficient and thorough.

10. Wheelbarrow

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One of the most rudimentary yet essential landscaping tools is a wheelbarrow. These helpers are crucial to your ambitions of making work light around the garden. You can use your wheelbarrow for a variety of chores:

  • Haul mounds of soil
  • Move compost from one end of the lawn to the other
  • Move plants around for transplantation

The best thing about using a wheelbarrow is that most of them have narrow wheels, which limit the surface areas on which the wheelbarrow passes. This, in turn, limits the level of soil compaction depending on how often you use the wheelbarrow.

11. String Trimmer

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In some cases, your lawn mower won't be able to reach some of the tight spots that will inevitably form part of your lawn. To get to these parts as well as those pesky weeds regularly, you need a string trimmer. String trimmers are perfect for those tight spaces, as well as steep inclines where your lawn mower would prove cumbersome.

12. Garden Gloves

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No matter how motorized or automated your landscaping efforts are, you are still going to have to use your hands. Even if it's just for light weeding with a garden knife or for pushing the lawn mower about, your hands need protection. Nothing does that better than a pair of reliably tough garden gloves.

Depending on how sophisticated you want your landscaping efforts to be, you can choose to buy motorized versions of almost every single of these landscaping tools. Thankfully, however, you have the option to choose.

All the tools on this list have a manual alternative that is not only more affordable but unfortunately also more labor-intensive. It's all a matter of budget and preference.

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