An Expert’s Buyer’s Guide To Purchasing Best Tiller

An Expert’s Buyer’s Guide To Purchasing Best Tiller

A tiller is a magnificent tool that allows gardeners to perform a variety of tasks around the garden. The handy machine decreases time and effort required to ready the area’s soil to grow vegetables, fruits and plants.

Gardeners can conveniently use tillers to break the ground, making it easier for them to keep their garden rows tidy. The machine also comes in handy for dethatching overgrown lawns and landscaping spaces.

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Features To Look For In The Best Tiller

Here are a couple of important features you need to pay attention to:

Convenient Access To The Tiller’s Controls

Before investing in the right machine, gardeners must ensure the tiller’s control placement is in a spot that will allow them to stop the machine quickly. Conveniently located controls are easier to find and make the machine safer to use.

Simple Start Option

An easy start control enables gardeners to access the machine whenever they need. This helps you save precious time, which you would otherwise need to start the machine up.

Consistent Motor

When gardeners begin shopping for tillers, they should look for a machine that features dual ball bearings. This little added equipment can extend the life of the tiller’s engine. Iron sleeves is another life extending accessory which will hold up the machine against wear and tear whilst ensuring that gardeners have better control over the tiller’s oil.

Man using a tiller in his garden

Opt for an OHV model that runs at lower temperatures and ensures fewer emissions. As a result, the OHV machine offers better fuel economy, more power and an extended lifespan.

Adjustable Tiling Depth

While looking for a tiller, gardeners should opt for a machine with adjustable tilling blades. This will make it possible for gardeners to lower or raise the blades as per their requirements.

This will make it easier for owners to ensure weed elimination while growing a new garden or flowerbed area when a shallow depth is required.

Adjustable Control Handle

An adjustable handle makes it possible for gardeners to shift the blades side-to-side or up and down according to their convenience. Shifting the blades prevents it from getting caught or stuck in strong roots or wet soil.

Forward Rotating Blades

With the help of forward rotating blades, gardeners can conveniently switch the tine direction that allows easy self-cleaning.

Factors To Consider Before Choosing The Right Tillers

If you want to show off your gardening skills, you will have to invest in the best tiller. Here are some important factors you need to keep in mind if you want to make the perfect purchase:


The size of the machine is probably the most important factor you need to consider. To ensure you have made the right purchase, measure the area you plan on using the tiller on. A small yard may only require a mini tiller whereas a larger garden would be better off with a machine that produces 5 or 6 horsepower.

For industrial and heavy-duty projects, you may be able to find a machine of a greater horsepower. Inspect the area to determine the ideal size for the machine.

Types Of Soil

Aside from the size of the machine, you must also be aware of the type of soil you will be working with. If there are tons of rocks in the area with hard soil, you will require a tiller that is bigger and heavier.

Ensure the machine you are about to invest in can handle hard soil and rocks so you don’t end up wasting your time and money.

However, if the soil is soft and there aren’t many issues with rocks, you can potentially get the job done by using a mini tiller.

Man using a tiller in his garden

Once you have examined the soil, you should pay attention to other important features, such as the blades and tines.


When it comes to investing in the right tiller, gardeners can choose from three different types of tines. Each tine serves a different purpose.

For example, if you require a machine that will work properly for deep tilling, it is best you invest in bolo tines. 

On the other hand, slasher tines are more suitable if you have to chop plenty of weeds and roots. The third type of tine is the chisel tine. This option is best suited when dealing with rocky soil. It is also a suitable choice if you will be handling unknown soil types. Each tine moves in a certain ways and offers a different type of benefit.

If the tine moves in a counter rotating manner, this means it moves in the opposite direction of the wheels. This type of tine is an excellent choice for breaking into new ground or working with hard packed clay or ground. On the other hand, tines that are forward rotating move in the same direction as the wheels.

These tillers are the best choice if you do not have any particular concerns. It is also important to determine whether or not you want the tiller to compact the soil once it has been tilled. However, if you do not want the soil to be compacted, consider investing in a rear tined tiller.


When investing in a good tiller, the tines are only a small part of the entire package. Gardeners must also ensure the engine of the machine is in good working condition. Gardeners can choose between two main types of engines, which include an electrical engine and a gas powered engine.

Working tiller

The type of engine you choose depends on your personal preference and how you intend on using the tiller. A gas powered tiller is a great choice if you do not want to work with a long cord. It is also important to determine where the engine will be located. You will get the best results if the motor is located over the tines.

Paying attention to all these factors will help you select the best tiller according to your personal use. Also gather information about where you will be using the tiller and where you will be buying it from.

How To Prepare The Soil For Tilling

Regardless of how awesome your garden tiller is, you cannot undermine the importance of preparing the soil for tilling. Follow these simple steps to learn how to do so:

Remove Plants, Weeds And Existing Sod

Tilling the soil will become easier once you have removed any plants or grass from the way. The purpose of tilling is to prepare the soil for new plantation and that can only be done by removing old plants and weeds.

Here’s how you can do your best to prepare the soil for new plants:

  • Use a shovel and start digging the ground around existing weeds and plants. We suggest you start a few inches away from the plant. It is important you sever the roots away using a shovel and pull out the plants by hand. Wear a pair of gardening gloves while doing so. You can use a shovel to remove sod and dig out small patches at a time.
  • Consider using herbicides to kill the lawn so you can grow new plants.

Remove Obstructions

The next step involves removing obstructions, such as tree roots, rocks and large stones. This is especially important as large stones and rocks can get in the way of the tiller. Use a wheelbarrow and walk up and down the area you want to till.

Look out for roots, rocks and remove other items that aren’t soil. Place all these items in the wheelbarrow. These objects are all obstructions which can prevent seedlings from growing. This is why it best to clear the land to grow new plants.

Test And Evaluate The Soil

Evaluate and test the soil. This is important as different plants require certain soil conditions to thrive so if your garden soil does not meet those needs, your plants are likely to die. To ensure the new plants thrive, test the pH and soil type.

Man using a tiller in his garden

You can easily determine the pH by purchasing a test kit from your local departmental store or hardware store. To determine the soil type, follow these important steps:

  • Use a hose and soak a small section of the soil in your yard or gardenPoint 1
  • Use your hand and grab a handful of soil
  • Place the ball in a container where it is well-ventilated
  • Allow the ball to dry out for 24 hours
  • Inspect the ball when the required time has passed away. A crumbly ball indicates the soil is loam, which is the most ideal type, whereas a ball that crumbles is typically sand.

Tips For Using A Tiller

Want to get the most out of your favorite gardening tool?

Here are a couple of tips you should keep in mind while using a tiller to gain maximum results:

  • When you are tilling soil that not been tilled for a while, or while busting sod, make sure you avoid digging too quickly and too deeply. You can use the shallow depth regulator settings, but we suggest you only use them for an inch or two. Once the machine starts clearing your path, adjust the regular a couple of inches more.
  • It is essential you water the garden area a few days prior to tilling to allow the newly worked soil to set for a couple of days.
  • While tilling, let the wheels pull the tiller along the tines to do the digging. Ensure you walk on the side to avoid making footprints in the freshly tilled soil.
  • Do not push the handlebars in an attempt to dig deeper into the soil. This may result in problems.
  • Do not operate the tiller unless you have good visibility and light
  • Be sure of your footing and hold onto the handles firmly
  • Be cautious when tilling on hard ground. The tines may hit the ground and propel the tiller forward. However, if this does ever happen, immediately let go of the handlebars and do not restrain the machine.
  • Always look around when reversing or pulling the machine towards a different direction.
  • Only use the accessories and attachments approved by the manufacturers. Not following the instructions may result in a serious injury.
  • If you have accidentally struck a foreign object, stop the engine immediately and disconnect the spark plug ignition wire. Don’t forget to inspect the machine for further damage. It is best you initiate the repair process before operating and starting up the machine.

Our Top Recommendations

Want to invest in the best tiller in town but don’t know where to begin? Here are some of our top picks that you need to get your hands on.

Best Tiller Under $150

We have collected and represented the top tillers currently available on the market for less than 150 dollars.

Earthwise Corded

The Earthwise Corded Electric Tiller and Cultivator is a budget model practically anybody can afford. It might not have all the fancy features you would expect in a high-end machine but it will certainly get the job done.

The best part about investing in an electric tiller is that you don’t have to worry about oil changes, not to mention, the machine is relatively quiet. This Tiller and Cultivator is a lightweight machine that practically anybody would be happy to get their hands on.

The handles are padded for added comfort and if you let go of the handle, the tiller will stop immediately. This is an important safety feature you should keep in mind.

The Earthwise Corded Electric Tiller is a compact machine that offers gardeners many features that they would expect from a well-model design. The corded electric tiller also works as a cultivator. It offers several features that makes it desirable for many people.


  • Thanks to the flip down wheels, the tiller is easy to move
  • The grip of the tiller is especially designed to make the machine easy to handle for the user
  • Gardeners need not worry about mixing fuel and oil together.
Single Earthwise cultivator

Our Review

Sun Joe TJ603E Electric Tiller

The Sun Joe TJ603E Electric Tiller is a consolidated tiller and cultivator that has a 16-inch plan and a powerful engine to match. The powerful engine will not heat up quickly. Additionally, the movable handle is ergonomic and has a novel and sturdy framework.

The machine features a flexible cutting deck that covers a large territory. The electric tiller has a movable profundity with six calculated steel tines. Another awesome feature to consider is that the Sun Joe TJ603E Electric Tiller comes with a support-free, two-year guarantee.

This tiller will take care of all the weeds in the yard, ensuring your outdoor space appears neat and spot-less. Some notable features of the Sun Joe include:


  • 6 steel calculated tines that offer extreme execution and sturdiness
  • Handles conveniently folds for easy transportation and stockpiling
  • 2-year guarantee and ETL endorsed
  • 3-position wheel change
Single Sun Joe cultivator and tiller

Our Review

BLACK+DECKER Cordless Garden Cultivator/Tiller

The BLACK+DECKER Cordless Garden Cultivator/Tiller is the ideal machine when it comes to landscaping beds, weeding and cultivating garden beds. The brand has always tried its best to manufacture high quality gardening tools that are easy to use and durable in nature.

The high-powered cultivator easily breaks up the soil to allow the nutrients and water to reach the plant roots. This allows your outdoor space to flourish and grow in the best possible manner, allowing you to achieve the perfect look for your garden.

The machine is ideal for the preparation of dry spots in the yard for seeding purposes. It can also be used in plant beds of planting seeds. The powerful machine features two long tines that are small enough to maneuver the machine between plants. In addition to this, the tines on the tiller are counter-oscillating.

This helps you prevent the weeds from getting tangled up. The tiller also features a telescoping shaft which can be adjusted to an appropriate height. This allows gardeners to use the machine without bending over.

The unique design features a comfortable grip and an auxiliary handle. This allows gardeners to use the machine for long hours without causing fatigue to your muscles and joints, making it a lot easier to maintain the garden. Some notable features of this product include:


  • Features counter-oscillating tines that prevent weeds from tangling
  • The machine produces up to 325 square feet per charge
  • Powered by a powerful lithium-ion battery that has a longer lifespan compared to other batteries in the market.
Woman using BLACK+DECKER LGC120 20V Lithium Ion Cordless Garden Cultivator

Our Review

Best Tiller Over $150

Here are our top tiller recommendations which you can purchase for over 150 dollars.

Mantis 2-Cycle Tiller Cultivator 7920

The Mantis 2-Cycle Tiller Cultivator 7920 is marketed as among the lightest rototiller available. While this might not be true anymore with the introduction of many lightweight electric powered machines, it is certainly one of the lightest gas-powered machines in the block.

The machine weighs only 20 lbs. which makes it easy to dig into the ground with the machine. This also means you can easily transport the tiller from place to place without having to push it up a ramp. The machine will conveniently fit in your car without any problems.

This tiller is great for smaller gardens with tight spaces. Why do you need this tiller cultivator? The answer is simple: preparing the garden soil for plants and seeds by tilling it can help the plant grow. Seeds and plants put out roots to gather water, nutrients and tilled soul, which ease the penetration of the roots.

Manually mixing the soil can take a lot of work so we suggest you opt for a tiller. Some notable features of the machine include:


  • Easier to move compared to large tillers in the market
  • Handles can be adjusted easily
  • Handles are located in the front which makes it easy to carry the machine
  • Lifetime guarantee on tines
  • Powerful enough to use on soil that has fair amounts of small tree roots and clay
Single Mantis cultivator

Our Review

Earthquake MC43 Engine Mini Cultivator Tiller

The Earthquake MC43 Engine Mini Cultivator Tiller is among the most efficient models that offers enough speed and just the right planting depth for the job. The machine is lightweight, adjustable and powerful. The machine is sufficient for performing tilling jobs.

Additionally, the tiller is easy to assemble which means, you can open up the box and start using it straight away. Don’t worry though, the machine will last for years to come.

The powerful machine allows you to adjust cultivating depth. The Earthquake MC43 has a tilling width of about 6 or 10 inches and a tilling depth of 8 inches. Gardeners can adjust the tilling width by turning the tines around the shaft.

Users can also remove the outer or inner sets of tine and reverse it to make the tilling process more aggressive. This allows gardeners to dig deeper into the soil.

The tiller features a clutch control and has variable speed that is easy to operate. This allows gardeners to turn the tine when holding the throttle lever. The throttle will start turning once it has been squeezed. The machine is fairly easy to use and gardeners admit the engine is quite powerful. Some notable features of the machine include:


  • Easy to transport and assemble
  • Simple to operate for novice users
  • Offers throttle control
Single Erthquake mc43 tiller

Our Review

For more information, consider reading up on customer reviews of the abovementioned products. This will help you get an idea of whether the product is worth investing in or not.


Using a garden tiller can help you turn your garden space into a dream landscape. Hopefully, this buyer’s guide has provided you all the information you need about investing in the best tiller according to your needs.

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