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16 of the Best Gardening Tools for an Absolutely Luscious Lawn

Gardening is a wonderful hobby that not only gives you something to do but also helps to provide you with wholesome and organic vegetables or spices. With the best gardening tools at hand, you too can start your gardening journey today and within 3 or 4 months have an admirable piece of land that can feed your entire family or a flower garden that is the envy of your neighborhood.

If this sounds like a wonderful idea, then here are the best gardening tools to buy as a beginner:

1. Pruning Shears

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Also known as secateurs, the best hand pruner will help you keep those plants and hedges within control. Remember to sharpen your pruners regularly to avoid hurting or damaging the plants you want to prune.

2. Hand Rake

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With the right-hand rake, you have a simple enough tool that will help you pick up piles of leaves as well as other lawn or garden trash. Used correctly, you can gently remove debris from under or around your plants as well as from your lawn without damaging the crowns or roots and grass, respectively.

3. Japanese Gardener's Knife

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Typically known as the Hori-Hori Weeding & Digging Knife, this is one of the most simplistic yet essential lawn and gardening tools you should own. Perfect for light digging, planting bulbs, and for weeding in tight spaces. Thanks to the saw blade, it can easily cut roots and even divide small perennials. It's a must-have tool if your lawn has flowers.

4. Transplant Spade

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If you have a densely planted flower bed complimenting your lawn, then you will definitely need a transplant spade to help you dig holes and transplant your favorite flowers or vegetables in tight spaces.

5. Watering Can

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When you don't feel like using a hose or you are watering delicate plants that don't need that much water pressure, then getting yourself a watering can becomes very essential. They are easy to use, aren't that heavy even when full and quite affordable. Plus, they help you water plants that are hard to reach or in tight spaces.

6. Spade

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A spade is one of the most essential lawn and gardening tools that should make part of your list. Not only are they easy and simplistic enough to use, but they also help to make light work of typical gardening chores such as:

  • Lifting sod
  • Moving mounds of soil around
  • Digging holes for your lawn plants
  • Edging

There are many different types of spades from those that have short handles, which are perfect for people who like to work closer to the ground to those with long handles for those who don't being so close to the ground.

7. Garden Hose with Adjustable Nozzle

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Even if you own a watering can, a Garden Hose with Adjustable Nozzle would still come in handy. The right watering patterns make up the foundation for a healthy garden and lawn. Your garden hose should be long and flexible enough to reach the entirety of your lawn.

For the most part, you will find that there are three basic hose diameters with each one delivering different amounts of water:

  • ½-inch which delivers an average of 9 gallons per minute
  • 5/8-inch, which delivers an average of 15 gallons per minute
  • ¾-inch delivering an average of 25 gallons per minute

Buying a garden hose with an adjustable nozzle will give you the ability to determine the specific water pressure as well as the spray radius.

8. Wheelbarrow

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Whether you prefer a push wheelbarrow or a pull cart that acts as a wheelbarrow, the fact that you need this tool is not in dispute. A wheelbarrow is the most basic and essential lawn tool you should own. A wheelbarrow's main job is to help you move things around. Whether it's extra soil, compost, mulch, and so on, with a wheelbarrow, this backbreaking work will be almost as easy as a walk in the park.

9. Hoe or Tiller

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The type of lawn you have as well as the garden within it will determine the kind of tiller or hoe you need. If you have a small vegetable garden, then you will need a wide blade hoe. However, if you have perennial gardens, then you might need a thinner hoe. As for your lawn needs, a tiller would be perfect for helping you manage the soil and grow healthy grass.

10. Garden Fork

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This is also yet another useful alternative to a hoe or a tiller. With the right garden fork, you can easily turn loose soil and dig through mulch or thatch to allow for soil aeration. If you are up to it, you can use the fork to pork holes into the lawn to ensure that every bit of that soil is aerated to facilitate healthy grass and plants.

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11. Knee Pads and Gloves

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If you have a flower bed in your lawn, there is a good chance that you are going to be on your knees a lot to delicate tend to those roots, delicate stems and flower buds. For this, you will need garden knee pads as well as garden gloves to protect your hands from getting blisters, thanks to the tools you will be using.

12. Garden Loppers

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Garden loppers are secateurs with long handles. These are particularly important for people who have trees or long hedges in their lawn. Thanks to their long handles, garden loppers are the best tools to help trim and keep these shrubs at a manageable level.

13. Flexible Tubs or Baskets

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Flexible garden tubs are a wonderful way to harvest vegetables from your garden. You can also use them to collect weeds or even haul water.

14. Compost Tumbler Bin

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Since you will need to use compost for most of your garden vegetables and plants, it might be a good idea to have your own compost tumbler bin handy. With this, you can conveniently stash your kitchen scraps and yard waste to turn them into nutritious garden gold for your plants.

15. Garden Scooter with Bucket Basket

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A garden scooter is ideal for people who have back problems or those who want back relief when working on their garden. With this scooter, you don't have to keep bending all the time.

16. Garden Shoes

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Since you can't use your dress shoes for gardening purposes, you will need a pair of rubber garden shoes. They are comfortable and easy to wash.

While this particular list represents the most essential and best gardening tools, the truth is that you might not need all of them. What you do and don't need will depend on the kind of garden you have or want to cultivate.

If you have a big garden and have big ideas of turning it into something lush and enviable, then you will probably need every single one of these best gardening tools and even more.

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