Earthquake MC43 Mini Cultivator Tiller Review

Earthquake MC43 Mini Cultivator Tiller Review

Working in the garden and preparing the land for your plants and seeds can be tiresome when done with hands. You need a powerful tool that can do the job for you in less than half the time with very little efforts required. The Earthquake MC43 43cc mini cultivator tiller is just the perfect machine for this job.

Power, control and maneuverability are the main aspects that a customer looks for in mini cultivator and tiller.

This amazing tiller offers all of that with some really cool and useful additional features.

With solid materials and an ergonomic design, this tiller is meant to last for years before you buy a new one.

When you are out in the market looking for a mini tiller, the biggest problem you face is finding a product that gives you control.

Rocking, bouncing and unsteady movements are pretty common with many other tillers.

Single Erthquake mc43 tiller

This tiller, on the other hand, has been built solidly to stay firm in your hands as you work your way through the soil.

About The Product

Here, we have presented some notable features of this amazing product.

Notable Features

  • A powerful 43cc engine for the most challenging tilling jobs
  • Easily accessible clutch control with variable speeds
  • ​Adjustable tilling width from 6 inches to 10 inches
  • ​Adjustable drag stake to work with varying depths
  • 8-inch of maximum depth of tilling
  • ​Tool-free tine removal
  • Tethered fuel cap to prevent loss
Single Erthquake mc43 tiller

With these notable features, the Earthquake MC43 saves you a lot of time and lets you finish your work before your neighbors.

Detailed Specifications

  • Manufacturer: Ardisam
  • Type: Gasoline
  • ​Engine displacement: 43cc
  • ​Engine category: 2-cycle
  • ​Transmission: Gear drive
  • ​Cultivating Depth: 8 inches
  • Speed: Variable
  • Width of Tilling: Adjustable (from 6 inches to 10 inches)
  • Controls: Overhand
  • ​Wheel Height: Adjustable
  • ​Weight: 33 pounds
  • ​Wheel Adjustment: Variable
  • Tines: Standard rotating

Using The Earthquake MC43

Working with MC43 mini tiller is an overall pleasing experience. You can adjust almost any component of the machine for your convenience. It has been designed intelligently with overhand controls to control and prevent bouncing. The wheel attachments can be adjusted not only for transport but for varying tilling depths.

Clutch control is located on the right handle. The cord to start the engine is located on the engine on the right hand side. Depending on the space available for your tilling, you can adjust its tilling width. The minimum width is 6 inch whereas the maximum is 10 inches. This allows you control over tilling so you don’t crush your plants when working in tight areas.

The maximum tilling depth is 8 inches, and you can maneuver your machine while working using the adjustable wheels. The tiller will work best with soft and medium hard grounds. The engine is one of the most powerful at 43cc when you compare it to other tillers from its category. Most of the adjustments on the tiller can be made without requiring any tools.

Single Erthquake mc43 tiller

Just use your hands to change the height of the wheels. Drag stake can also be adjusted using just your hands when you need to work with different depths.

The tines and other components can be removed without any tools so maintenance is simple and easy for you. Even the foam air cleaner element can be reached without requiring any tools, allowing you to prolong the life of your engine.

To make this beast of a machine aerate, mix and weed the soil without stopping, you will need to mix gasoline with oil at 50:1 ratio and pour it into the compartment located right on the engine . The best thing is the tethered lid, so you don’t have to worry about a lost lid and your gasoline flying away.

What Makes Earthquake MC43 Better Than Others

The main elements you will look for in mini tiller or cultivator are pretty much the same. A mini tiller will do what it’s meant to do i.e. till the soil.

However, it’s the convenience of operating this tiller that sets it apart from the rest. It’s lightweight and easy to operate, so you can work on big gardening projects without fearing the extraordinary hard work.

If you’re not the most powerful person and have troubles handling tillers, this is a gift for you. This tiller has overhand controls that put you in full control of the machine as it makes its way through the soil.

Maintenance is often the most boring and frustrating part of any mini tiller. However, Earthquake MC43 is unique in that it allows you to do most of the maintenance without ever requiring the use of any tools. It’s convenience at your fingertips.

What Others Say

One of the customers bought the equipment after seeing people commend the machine so much. According to the customer he was more than happy for making this decision, and even personifies the tiller by calling it the angry wolverine. This same customer has recommended minor improvements in the grips.

Man using earthquake MC43 mini cultivator

One customer could really feel the working of throttle controls. According to the customer they loved how they could control the throttle to control the movement of the tines. The customer is also greatly happy for tool-less removal of tines so any tangling weeds can be removed with ease.

Buying Advice

No one can advise you better on a product than the customers who have used it. This amazing product gets an excellent rating, which makes it an extraordinarily great product. If you are someone who has been long hunting for a lightweight yet powerful mini tiller, you are highly recommended to go for it.

According to customers, its tines are perfectly adjusted to catch only what you want to catch rather than tugging the neighboring plants. It comes with some good and mind comforting warranties, and is priced approximately $150.

Final Words

If you compare price of this product to its features and the value it offers, it’s a deal of a lifetime. Tool-less adjustments and maintenance are the future of modern machines, which this tiller utilizes perfectly.

Earthquake mc43 tiller working

Stealing words from a customer, you should consider it an angry wolverine that has agreed to work for you on your commands. So, if you are ready to buy it now, go ahead and hesitate not.

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