Earthwise Electric Tiller and Cultivator TC70001 Review

Earthwise Electric Tiller And Cultivator TC70001 Review

If you are fed up of maintaining and carrying a heavy gas tiller to prepare your garden or to make a flowerbed in your backyard, you should get rid of it and switch to a highly advanced, lightweight and easily portable electric tiller.

Gas tillers are usually heavy-duty machines, which can also be used to cut up hard broken earth. Electric tillers can do all of these tasks and more.

If you are looking for an electric tiller and cultivator, you should definitely consider Earthwise’s Electric Tiller and Cultivator TC70001. It not only comes with an affordable price tag but also is easy to use.

Man using earthwise cultivator

This technologically advanced machine does not require much space as it is ultra slim allowing you to store it even in the tightest of spaces. The only thing you would be required to do is to plug in its wire/chord in any nearby electric outlet. Yes, it is that easy!

About The Product

This machine is a must-have if you want to keep your garden well maintained and pretty. It completes your garden tool collection and will reduce the amount of energy and effort you usually have to put in while gardening.

Since it is slim, you can easily store it in your garage or store room without re-adjusting other items. You can use to plant your garden area and make it eye-catching.

Apart from its sleek look and appealing design, this electric cultivator and tiller offers you a quality performance you would simply find amazing.

It comes with dual four-blade steel tines that make it faster and also maximize efficiency and precision. You can cut up to 11” wide and 8” deep, which is quite significant for a small gardening job.

Moreover, this will also allow you to prepare the soil the way you want it. The blades and rotators are designed in a way that they promote healthy growth of plants. This electric cultivator and tiller is an excellent machine for making flowerbeds, preparing the grass and loosening soil.

Single Earthwise cultivator

The machine has been designed to make gardening hassle-free and enjoyable for you while also allowing you to be creative with your garden.

This will not only save you time but also your money and energy. The lightweight and flip down wheels will allow you to take it anywhere in your garden without lifting.


This amazing machine comes packed with many awe-inspiring and practical features that definitely give it an edge over other machines. The Earthwise Electric Tiller and Cultivator TC70001 is

  • Easy to operate
  • Slim
  • Ultra light
  • Easy to start
  • Equipped with a battery of 8.5 Amp
  • Convenient to store
  • Designed to offer 8” cutting depth
Man using earthwise cultivator

Certain safety measures are also taken to make sure the device is not dangerous in any way. It features a retention hook for the power cord as well as an on/off lever for the main switch.

About The Company

Earthwise is a highly trusted company that has been providing a wide range of gardening appliances for a long time, 120 years to be exact. It is famous for the durability and reliability of its products.

The company has always come up with innovative and practical products and has been playing a noticeable role in offering gardening equipment not just in the US but around the world as well.

Earthwise is confident about the all new Electric Tiller and Cultivator TC70001, as they have made it “earth friendly”. There are no exhaust gases, no fumes, no engines to clog up in this electric tiller and cultivator. They are not only good for the lawn or garden, but also for the environment.

Buying Advice

You can order the product online and have it delivered to your home in just a couple of days. For your peace of mind and satisfaction, you can compare it with other tillers and cultivators online. It is available on for around $80 so you can order it there too.

Man using earthwise cultivator

Buying the product from or other highly trusted vendors is recommended. Do not pay for the product until you make sure it is 100% genuine and brand new.

You can also choose between the different lengths of the power chord. The longer it is, the easier it would be for you to use it, as you will not have to move it or look for another power outlet every now and then. It also comes in different variants so you can choose the one that suits your gardening needs the most.

However, you should know it is not suitable for heavy-duty tasks and does not have as much power as a gas tiller does. In addition, since it comes with a cord, it is not “free” and has to be connected to a power outlet whenever you take it out to do your garden work.

While it has a few disadvantages, there are more advantages of using this machine. The power cord, while not allowing “freedom”, gives a constant supply of electricity making it more powerful than any cordless machine. It is also better than gas tillers in many ways, one of which is it does not burn any non-renewable energy as a power source.


The Earthwise 11-Inch 8.5-Amp Corded Electric Tiller and Cultivator TC70001 comes with a price tag of around $80 and helps you in many ways to keep your garden beautiful.

Earthwise cultivator specifications

Click on the image to see the product on Amazon.

If you have a passion for gardening and love spending time in your garden or working on it, you should definitely treat yourself to this amazing machine. And at a price this low, this is not a bad deal at all.

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